Professional Soccer Academy


About Professional Soccer Academy

Professional Soccer Academy, PSA, is located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and provides professional soccer training to students in from the Volusia County areas including New Smyrna, Port Orange, Daytona Beach, Edgewater and Ormond Beach.


The Professional Soccer Academy's philosophy is to produce a highly skilled, motivated and successful soccer player, who strictly adheres to the laws of the game, participates in the sport at the highest level of international competitiveness, develops and masters the skills and techniques of soccer, engages as a student of the game, manifests oneself as an ambassador of the sport and breeds a level of discipline that ensures success on and off the pitch.


Our students will learn and master all of the critical keys to success via detailed training and continuous comprehensive evaluations so skills and techniques are introduced, reinforced, evaluated, polished, re-evaluated and advanced, guaranteeing proper and unrivaled development across the spectrum of the sport. The superior training and need to advance will develop each player and matched with the requisite demanded diligent work ethic and desire to succeed, the enrolled player will both excel and enhance their value and enrich their standing on their competitive team, creating value for their club in the process.

The academy philosophy breeds a clear and concise “arc of
development” so each player advances to the next level of play, whether that is defined as high school, college or professional.